Tracking Begins On Album No2

 It'll be two years in July since i was lucky enough to release debut LP "Ghosts", and in all honestly, i didn't think there would be a follow up. Thankfully the last 18 months have been kind and i'm very pleased to have started tracking Album No 2 as of yesterday. Caleb James is in the producers chair yet again and is already making his mark. 

Yesterday we knocked over all 7 drum tracks and have set a cracking benchmark to work towards, as far as quality goes. Couldn't be happier. For those who are unfamiliar with the process - the drum takes are all we keep from yesterdays sessions and are the foundations of the album. We'll start building guitars etc. on those tracks in a couple of weeks time. From there, the songs & overall sound of the record, will really start to take shape! You can check out a taste of how it all went down here.


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