New Year New Music 

Hey All! Happy 2019. I hope it's been a great one for you so far. In typical form, it's been a red-hot while since we've touched base, and also in typical me form, I'm determined to do a better job of keeping you updated. That said, there are two new shows added to the tour page and i'm working on a 3 Track EP that will be released in March. More info coming soon. Luv ya. Richard xoxo

New Album COLD FEET Out Now!  

Release Day!  I'm incredibly excited to share my new, and second solo album, "Cold Feet" with you.

These 10 songs are a collection of stories from my own personal life experiences. I hope you find a song you can connect with. "Cold Feet" was a team effort and wouldn't be what it is without these amazing people: Paul Durham (Drums/Writer), Dave Hyde (Guitar/Writer), Caleb James (Producer/Writer/Bass/Piano), Matt Ooi (Writer), Matthew Gray Mastering (Mastering) Damon Poole (Cover Art), Amy Jo Martin (Cover Photo).

10% of every album sold will be donated to a Mental Health + Suicide Prevention charity in your country. Can't wait to hear your thoughts and feedback.

"CARRY ON" VIDEO INTERVIEW + SONG AUDIO: A Song Written For A Dear Friend  

This is the second song I'm very proud to be sharing from the new album. Several years ago a life-long friend, my best friend in fact (we were born a few months apart and literally grew up together), lost her battle with a mental illness and took her own life. She was an incredibly caring and loving person with a personality that was larger than life. Sadly, during the last couple of years of her life, I didn't get much of a chance to understand what she was going through. Musically, I wanted to create a safe space for her, a patch of grass in a quiet field, that she could escape too whenever she needed it, and a place for myself to remember how much joy she gave me, so "Carry On" represents that. Sally, this one's for you.  

In this video I share more about Sally, and how the song came to be, as well as debut the full song. 

Acoustic Guitar/Vocals: Richard Grewar 
Electric Guitar: Dave Hyde 
Drums: Paul Durham  
Bass/Piano: Caleb James 

Produced & Mixed by: Caleb James 
Mastered by: Matthew Gray Mastering 

February Artist Spotlight - Arts Rapid City  

A big thanks to the Arts Rapid City team for featuring me in their Artist Spotlight blog this month. I spoke with them about the process behind the new album, what it's like living in South Dakota, musical influences growing up in Australia and my two cents on the music industry for anyone starting out. There's a gift for you at the end! Let me know what you think.

Read the full interview here:

"One City" Video Interview + Song Audio: A Tale of Two Hearts in Two Cities  

I'm incredibly excited to share "One City" with you; the first song from my upcoming second album. This song was written at a time in my life when I had the overwhelming desire to follow my heart and pursue a relationship with a new love, in a country a long way from the comfort of family and friends at home. Thankfully, I took the leap and followed my heart. That "new love" is now my wife, and that country - the USA - is now my home. Over time, "One City" has grown to mean a lot more to me. It signifies the first step I was able to take into my own authentic skin; forever looking forward and never looking back. The song is also proof that home is well and truly where the heart is. 

In the video below, I share more of how the song came to be and what it means to me now, as well as debut the song at 2:29. Enjoy.


Acoustic Guitar/Vocals: Richard Grewar  
Electric Guitar: Dave Hyde  
Harmonica: Caleb James  
Produced & Mixed by: Caleb James  
Mastered by: Matthew Gray Mastering

NEON REVERB Announces Touring Line-up!  

The Neon Reverb festival, Las Vegas March 9th - 12th, announced their touring line-up yesterday, and I'm pumped to be included - playing alongside The Drums, Temples, Le Butcherettes, Sego and a ton more. I'll be playing on Saturday March 11th, but I'd encourage you to come for the entire time if you can. For all the info, and to purchase tickets, head to Tickets on sale now.  


Back In The Saddle 

Whatever the twists and whatever the turns, life has a way of pointing you back towards the things you love, the things you are passionate about; ultimately your purpose for being on the planet. It has for me in recent months anyways. After nearly three years away from playing live, and almost six years since releasing my first album in 2011, I'm incredibly excited to be preparing my long overdue (I started recording these songs four years ago!) second album for release. In the coming days and weeks you'll learn more about the new album, when it'll be released and how you can get involved. For those of you who've been on this journey with me wherever it has and will take us - thank you - for those new to my musical world, welcome. Please take a few minutes to look around the website, watch the videos and listen to the songs. I hope you enjoy the ride. More news to come soon. Much love, Richard. 

Time to be me... 

TURNER has been an incredibly fun project, rewarding in so many ways, and the album that was born from that journey will always be my first. Now, along with the decision to play live again, has come to decision to outwardly be "me" for the first time.
No more band names, monikers or filtering out Tina Turner from an iTunes search! Page names will change, logos will change and the music will go wherever it wants. 

Update From The Studio 

Just wanted to stop by quickly and give you all an update on how the album is coming along - Tracking is well and truly underway, with only the vocals and a few bits'n'pieces left to tidy up. Caleb, as always, is producing like a man posessed and i couldn't be happier with how everything is sounding. We've got a few days left to go, before I head out on a holiday trek around the world, so chances are good we'll have to put the finishing touches on later this year. I'll keep you posted though! Here are a couple or pics i thought you'd dig....head on over to the TURNER facebook page for more.  

Tracking Begins On Album No2 

 It'll be two years in July since i was lucky enough to release debut LP "Ghosts", and in all honestly, i didn't think there would be a follow up. Thankfully the last 18 months have been kind and i'm very pleased to have started tracking Album No 2 as of yesterday. Caleb James is in the producers chair yet again and is already making his mark. 

Yesterday we knocked over all 7 drum tracks and have set a cracking benchmark to work towards, as far as quality goes. Couldn't be happier. For those who are unfamiliar with the process - the drum takes are all we keep from yesterdays sessions and are the foundations of the album. We'll start building guitars etc. on those tracks in a couple of weeks time. From there, the songs & overall sound of the record, will really start to take shape! You can check out a taste of how it all went down here.