"One City" Video Interview + Song Audio: A Tale of Two Hearts in Two Cities 

I'm incredibly excited to share "One City" with you; the first song from my upcoming second album. This song was written at a time in my life when I had the overwhelming desire to follow my heart and pursue a relationship with a new love, in a country a long way from the comfort of family and friends at home. Thankfully, I took the leap and followed my heart. That "new love" is now my wife, and that country - the USA - is now my home. Over time, "One City" has grown to mean a lot more to me. It signifies the first step I was able to take into my own authentic skin; forever looking forward and never looking back. The song is also proof that home is well and truly where the heart is. 

In the video below, I share more of how the song came to be and what it means to me now, as well as debut the song at 2:29. Enjoy.


Acoustic Guitar/Vocals: Richard Grewar  
Electric Guitar: Dave Hyde  
Harmonica: Caleb James  
Produced & Mixed by: Caleb James  
Mastered by: Matthew Gray Mastering


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