Share The Road

Richard Grewar

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Share The Road is Out Now! This is a song very close to my heart. From a 2012 demo, the song has evolved many times over. What you hear now is a message that I hope translates into sharing each others wins, losses, struggles and a universal call to action to have each others backs in such divisive times that we live in. Somewhere along the way we forgot how to listen to each other. My hope is that this will change.

Most recently Share The Road has taken on a new meaning for me, as my wife and I have navigated our time having our son, Lincoln, born three months early and hospitalized in Denver, Colorado. The experience has been life changing. For those reasons, I am donating all proceeds from sales (downloads, streams, anything) to March Of Dimes, helping Mom's and premature babies.

March of Dimes were a crucial resource and support to my family through what was an incredibly tough time. This is my way of giving back. The lyric "we stand for days while months slip away" is directly inspired by our time in the NICU.

Thank you as always for your support. I hope you enjoy the song.

Much Love, Richard.


Written & Arranged by Richard Grewar & Paul Durham

Produced by Richard Grewar & Paul Durham

Mixed by Richard Grewar

Mastered by Don Bartley at Benchmark Mastering

Drums and Percussion by Paul Durham

Other instruments & Vocals by Richard Grewar

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